November 2, 2012

Genomics Cures for Cancer

Genomics cures for Cancer.

A thoughtful piece on genomics cure for cancer by Charles Swanton at T. Rowe Price
New genomic sequencing technologies, which allow us to look at the genetic makeup of tumors, are shining a bright light on the way cancers grow and spread, helping oncologists to better understand why progress in metastatic disease has been so slow; how tumors manage to evade drugs and develop resistance to therapies so rapidly; and ultimately, how we might best treat them.

Genome sequencing reveals that every tumor is distinct from patient to patient, with limited but important genetic changes shared between patients who have the same pathological tumor type.

And cancer cells are extraordinarily diverse, with each cancer cell genetically different than the other. It is thought that this helps cancer survive in face of therapy. 
New cancer treatments are increasing the sensitivity of the body's own immune system so it can detect these rogue cells. Such developments are already showing impressive benefits in clinical trials, with tantalizing evidence of long-term disease control, something we rarely see with traditional chemotherapy or targeted drugs.

Genomics will lead to better cures for cancer similar to the Glybera gene therapy for Lipoprotein Lipase deficiency.

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