November 2, 2012

How to Design your Privacy Policy

In addition to the terms of service, privacy policy is the other important legal agreement on your website, online service or app. Here is how to design your privacy policy.
Although any good attorney will provide nice templates for both these agreements, you should review if the items discussed here are properly covered in your website, online service or app as they have legal implications.

Zappos ran into legal troubles because of the way it presented its terms of service on its website. The How to Design your Terms of Service covers what Zappos had missed in presenting its TOS to users.

For privacy policy, California Attorney General suggests the following to make it compliant with California’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

A brief summary in context of apps

Any app that collects personal data must conspicuously post a privacy policy, which clearly describes how personal data is collected, used and shared.

Users can report non-compliance and the app marketplaces such as App Store, Google Play etc have a responsibility to take action against such non-compliance

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