November 26, 2012

How to Find Daylight Hours for any Location Worldwide

How to find daylight hours for any location worldwide.

Daylight Hours for Sydney, Australia Nov 26

When you are going through winter, you are especially focused on this question – what are the daylight hours for my location?  Here are the simple steps to find daylight hours for any location.

First, find the latitude of the location using one of these
  1. Google search 
    latitude <location>

    e.g. latitude Sydney gives 33.8683° S

  2. iTouchMap  gives –33.8674

Then, enter the latitude in the Daylight Hour Explorer from and drag the cursor to the desired day (needs Flash).

Sydney gets 14 hours of daylight on Nov 26.

As a comparison, Cupertino gets 9.7 hours of daylight on Nov 26.

Where would you rather be?  Cupertino or Sydney?

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