November 7, 2012

How to Find Newest Windows Phone 8 Optimized Apps

How to find newest Windows Phone 8 optimized apps.

Specifically, how to find new apps that are optimized for Windows Phone 8.

Ideally a Windows Phone 8 Apps Feed would inform you as new Windows Phone 8 optimized apps get added to the Windows Phone Store.

First, you could do a newest apps search at the Microsoft’s WindowsPhone store (screenshot above).

This will give you a nice view of the apps, but of all apps added recently including apps for older platforms such as WP7, Xbox etc. Also it does not indicate when an app was added to the store, you have to manually go to each app to find when it was last updated.

This is not very useful.

A better method, do a Google search with the following text - “windows phone 8 or higher”

Then click on Search tools and select a time period e.g. Past week.

This gives a list of the newest Windows Phone 8 optimized apps added to the Windows Phone Store along with an indication of when they were added (screenshot below).

As of now, the latest apps added to the store – Angry Birds, Nfc Interactor, Catch the Bubble, Nokia Transit, Battery Meter, Battery Tile, iCalendar Import.

Search often to keep discovering new Windows Phone 8 apps.

This is not quite a Windows Phone 8 Apps Feed but will help you discover the latest apps for Windows Phone 8.

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