November 15, 2012

How to Shut Down Windows 8 Desktop

How to shut down Windows 8 desktop.

If you are struggling with using Windows 8 on a desktop, laptop you are not alone.

Windows 8 UI is optimized for touch devices. Using Windows 8 on a non-touch device with a keyboard/mouse is a most convoluted experience. Makes you wonder if Microsoft really wants non-touch device users as customers.

Here are some tips from ExtremeTech that will make your Windows 8 life just a little easier

In addition to the convoluted Charms menu, three more ways to shut down Windows
1)       Windows-key I
Power > Shutdown

2)       Alt-F4 on the desktop

3)       Create a shutdown shortcut as detailed at the link above

Also take a look at Windows 8 shortcuts for other tips that will make your Windows 8 life easier.

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