November 13, 2012

How to View Mobile Site from a Desktop

How to view a mobile site from a desktop.

If you want to see the mobile version (iPhone, Android) of a website looks like while using your desktop, try a User Agent Switcher extension on Chrome.

The steps

  1. Use Chrome browser

  2. Search for user agent switcher at the Chrome webstore
    e.g. you can use Ultimate User Agent Switcher, URL Sniffer

  3. Add to Chrome

When installed, an icon is shown at the top right of the browser window

  1. Click the icon for its options

Select the device, OS that you want to emulate – Android 2.3, iPad, iPhone 4, Nokia 7110, Windows Phone 7, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc – and Activate the extension.

If you selected Android, when you browse a website you look like an Android device and can see the Android version of that website (The page layout may look stretched as your desktop screen-size may be different than the Android device).

And, Enable URL Sniffer will log all http traffic to/from your browser. If you are curious what a website does, here is one way to find out.

After you are done, remember to disable the extension in Chrome at
Tools > Extensions

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