November 25, 2012

HP SmartFriend, Online PC Technician for a Fee

HP SmartFriend, online PC technician for a fee.

Add HP SmartFriend to a long list of online PC support services that want to help PC users by removing virus from the PC, speed up the PC and help with myriad of other PC problems.

For a fee, an HP technician will remotely log into your PC and try to fix your PC problems. The technician will have access to your files, so be extra careful.

The plans offered - $15/mo and $100 one-time – there is also a $70 tutorial to teach you how to use Windows 8.

Per HP 
Have a PC crisis in the middle of the night? Need help transferring your data to your new PC, upgrading your operating system, or installing a printer? Let HP SmartFriend come to the rescue with immediate answers for “how to” questions and more from specially trained HP technicians, 24/71. Get the most from your technology—and help save time, money and frustration—with the convenience of your own personal help desk: HP SmartFriend Service.

Alternatives to HP SmartFriend include a long list of online PC support services including AOL Computer Checkup, iYogi, MyFasterPC, All of who will charge you a fee.

Or, you can follow the steps in How to Keep PC Fast and Clean and do it yourself for free.

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