November 3, 2012

iPad mini for Free Car GPS Navigation

Another nice use for the iPad mini is as a free car GPS navigation system.

photo via Engadget

The best car gps navigation system is free and always up-to-date with the latest maps data.

iPad mini and iOS 6 Maps app will provide an excellent free GPS navigation system for your car. You no longer need to buy the expensive GPS navigation option sold by car dealers. 

The iPad mini can be mounted right in the car dashboard (see above).

The iOS 6 Maps app is a delight to use - it provides intuitive turn-by-turn directions to guide you to your destination and the automated voice sounds pretty good.

The iPad mini’s large screen will provide large, crisp maps that can be seen at a glance while driving the car. At 7.9”, the iPad mini screen is larger than the screens of most in-car gps navigation systems.

And, with Maps, you will always have the latest maps data – you do not need to buy upgrade DVD’s from the car company.

Remember to get the WiFi+Cellular iPad mini as only that model includes GPS and GLONASS.

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