November 26, 2012

Microsoft Surface Windows RT Review

You may have read Tim Cook on the Surface earlier and seen the Mystical Surface is Here Ad. Now a detailed review of Microsoft Surface Windows RT by MG Siegler.

In addition to the Surface itself, the trials and tribulations with Windows Store - 
I immediately headed to the Windows Store (the virtual one with apps, not the physical one with Surfaces) to get some apps. Total nightmare. In the ten days I’ve been using the Surface, that Store has either been down or completely unresponsive a large percentage of the time. It just hangs and hangs and hangs, seemingly forever. I restart, re-open and some things work, then it hangs again. I’ve been trying to download one app for days — still no luck. I’m sick of restarting. And the back-button just isn’t working. Joy. 
And, if you had to make a choice between Surface or iPad 
I just don’t understand who would buy the Surface with Windows RT — let alone who would pay upwards of $600 for it (because it also makes no sense to get it without the Touch Cover). Take that money and get an iPad.

And the final words 
So here I am, $650 lighter, hoping Microsoft can somehow improve this thing via several more daily software updates. I’m not holding my breath. Instead, I think it’s time for a robust drop test — right into the garbage can.

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