November 2, 2012

Windows 8: How to Disable Windows Defender

To find how to disable Windows Defender on Windows 8 PC’s keep reading.

All Windows 8 PC’s include Windows Defender, Microsoft’s antivirus software. Previously this software suite was called Microsoft Security Essentials.

Although Windows Defender is a decent software, there are better 3rd party antivirus software available e.g. Kaspersky. Also, with its periodic updates Windows Defender can itself be annoying and may cause your PC to slow down.

For either of these scenarios, you’ll need to disable Windows Defender.

The Steps
1. Settings > View Local Services
2. Right-click Windows Defender Service to disable it.
3. Double-click Windows Defender Service for its Properties
    Startup type > Disabled


Alternate steps,
1. Launch Windows Defender
2. Settings > Administrator
    uncheck Turn on Windows Defender


You can also follow the guidelines in How to Keep PC Fast and Clean for free which will keep your Windows 8 PC protected from malware and will not cause it to slow down due to antivirus bloatware.

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