December 9, 2012

17,041 Windows 8 Apps in Windows Store

17,041 Windows 8 apps in Windows Store as of Dec 7, 2012.

Labnol did some checking and found that there were 17,041 Windows 8 apps as of Dec 7, 2012. 
It turns out that there are 17,041 Windows 8 Apps in the Window Store (as on December 7, en-US) and if you want to dig a little deeper, download this text file as it includes a link to every Windows 8 app that’s currently available in the store.
And, while the number seems low (and is low), it is a good start for a new platform.

Similarly, Newest Windows Phone 8 Apps tells you how to find Windows Phone 8 optimized apps.

As a comparison, Amazon Appstore today has 60,150 Android apps; it had 13,821 apps when Kindle Fire was launched.

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