December 19, 2012

Best Small Tablets of December: iPad mini, Surface, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD

The best small tablets of December:  iPad mini, Surface, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.

The tablets with the best quality are shown in order, best at the top.

Currently, the Apple iPad mini is the best tablet around in all regards including having a great selection of apps.

The best quality tablets are fast, responsive, easy to use and give the feel of being made from high quality materials. You’d love to use them for a long time or at least until the better 2013 tablets arrive.

Like iPad mini, Microsoft Surface also gives the feel of being a high quality tablet (except the keyboard). It is also fast and easy to use.

Google Nexus 7 has a great price and is a full-featured tablet. But, it is slow and feels sluggish in use. The hardware has a plasticky feel and feels like it is made from lower quality materials.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD also has a great price and full functionality of a tablet. But, it is also sluggish in use and feels like its made from cheap materials. The Kindle user interface is the quirkiest of all the tablets shown here (and not in a good way). The plus for Kindle, access to vast amounts of content from Amazon.

What About Other Tablets?
Tablets other than these top four – and there is a long list of them – all suffer from poor hardware and software quality. They may be worth looking at if their price drops to below $100.

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