December 8, 2012

Bitcoin Mining Trend Micro Malware, Olibo.exe

A Bitcoin mining Trend Micro malware, Olibo.exe.

source: Trend Micro

If you see a file, Olibo.exe, delete it. Do not run or install it on your PC.
It is a malware pretending to be Trend Micro Antivirus.

Trend Micro itself identifies (link above) it as a trojan -

Once it infects your computer, it will run a Bitcoin-mining app, HKTL_BITCOINMINE.

Now that Bitcoins can be exchanged for Euros at Bitcoin Central, Bitcoin mining can be lucrative for the virus writers. Perhaps there will be a BITEUR exchange rate much like the EURUSD.

Per Trend Micro 
For the past years, there have been cases wherein systems are infected with Bitcoin-mining malware and turning them into unwilling “miners”.  In turn, these (systems) churn Bitcoins for the benefit of the bad guys while the affected users are left in the dark.  Besides generating profit for its authors, this malware consumes too much of the system’s resources. In sudden slowdown of the system always check your running processes and search for unknown running application. This occurrence maybe caused by a possible infection of Bitcoin mining activity.

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