December 28, 2012

CureTogether, Group Treatments for Sleep and More

CureTogether, group treatments for sleep and other health conditions.

Whether you have a sleep problem or a fatigue problem, allergies or migraine, often you’d like to find how others are coping with the same health issues and share your experiences.

CureTogether brings together people discussing specific health conditions, sharing their own experiences and their treatments of a health condition.

As its name suggests, CureTogether is about finding cures for health conditions together.

You can browse the full list of health conditions and search for more at CureTogether e.g. for Gluten.

A snippet of health conditions being discussed is below – click on any of the terms.


Digestive System

CureTogether is an excellent idea and spreads the knowledge about health issues that help you find the right treatments and make better decisions in managing your health.

In addition to talking to your physician, CureTogether should be the first place to look at as you are managing your health.

How would CureTogether be described in Internet terms
  • CureTogether, a social network for health treatments.
  • CureTogther, group treatment of health conditions
  • CureTogether, crowdsource treatments of health condtions.

CureTogether is part of 23andMe the personal genetics company.


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