December 24, 2012

Facebook Poke App, What is the Point of This?

Facebook Poke app, what is the point of this?

Brian Chen on Facebook Poke app in NYTimes 
“What is the point of this?” or “This is so weird.”
It may seem like a pointless app from Facebook but, 
The most interesting aspect of Poke is that you can send photos and videos only of what you’re doing at that moment; you cannot send people a nice photo saved in your library from your trip to Spain a month ago. In this way, it gives your friends a glimpse into the moments of your life as you’re experiencing them. You can’t use any filters, or even flash, to distort these moments.

Facebook Poke gives glimpses of life in near real-time, which may be a powerful new way to communicate than watching photo albums or long videos.

Facebook Poke, another very effective way to connect with family and friends.

Photo Apps 3.0 discusses Snapchat another similar app.

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