December 4, 2012

Find Battery Status on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 OS does not tell you exactly how much battery is remaining on your phone, how much more can you use your phone. Use these apps to find battery status on Windows Phone 8.

Most of these apps provide the following functionality
  • Display battery level percentage on a live tile, lockscreen tile
So, at a glance, you can tell exactly how much battery is remaining on your phone.

The apps support small, medium, wide tiles.

Some of the apps also log the battery status, so you can display a graph of your battery status over time.

Note: WP8 live tiles are not really real-time; the tiles can only be updated every 30 minutes. So, you’ll get the accurate battery status every 30 minutes and beyond that you have to extrapolate.

Also, for some apps, you may need to touch the tile to update the battery status.

The top battery status apps are as follows

Battery Meter    Free

Battery Status    Free

Battery Tile    Free

Battery Measure    Free
Battery Status, Battery Measure are offered by the same developer

Battery tile & log    Free
Free with no ads.

Battery Monitor    Free

Battery Tile    $0.99
Different than the Battery Tile app above. It is surprising Microsoft allows two apps with the same name.

And, rather than just getting a battery status, if you want to increase battery life for Windows Phone 8,

Will adjust your phone settings to increase battery life. Optimize settings for wifi, cellular, connection speeds, email and data sync, background tasks, screen timeout, screen brightness etc.

And, finally, to discharge a battery completely before recharging it, there is

Battery Discharger    Free

Battery Discharger employs various hardware resources available on the phone to discharge the battery power at a faster but controlled rate. Charging the phone completely from this state would allow the microprocessors on the battery circuitry to recalibrate and start reporting accurate energy levels

Compare these WP8 apps to JuiceDefender Power Saver for Android phones that optimizes the phone settings to increase the battery life.

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