December 23, 2012

Intellectual Ventures’ 2000 Shell Companies, Tools for Patent Litigation

Intellectual Ventures’ 2000 shell companies, tools for patent litigation.

  1. 130 West Packard LLC                             
  2. 1850 De La Cruz LLC                             
  3. 2 Restress Limited Liability Company                                 
  4. 205 Ridgmont Solutions, L.l.c.                        
  5. 21st Century R & D, LLC     

The full list of shell companies is at PlainSite.

Reason for the PlainSite list (via TechDirt
As they note, they're spreading this information, because "we hope that Congress and the courts take notice of one of the largest racketeering schemes ever perpetrated on the nation, with some of its richest billionaires acting more like thugs than visionaires
Intellectual Ventures biggest accomplishment so far - Mosquito Zapping Laser.

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