December 10, 2012

Intel’s McAfee TechMaster, Online Tech Support for a Fee

Intel’s McAfee TechMaster, online tech support for a fee.

If you have a problem with your PC, Mac, printers, network etc at home, then TechMaster technicians can access your device remotely and perhaps try to solve the problem, for a fee.

The fees range from $180/yr to $350/yr depending on the plan selected.

And the TechMaster Terms make sure that TechMaster has limited responsibility.

The fees are the most attractive part of the service (for Intel-McAfee). You have to pay for at least a years worth of service plus you are signed up for auto-renewal. McAfee probably projects that most users will continue for 2 years or so before cancelling the service.

Looking for additional revenue sources, Intel-McAfee is expanding from selling antivirus software to selling online tech support.

McAfee joins HP SmartFriend, AOL Computer Checkup, iYogi and numerous other services that want to be your tech-in-the-cloud - all with similar business models, all charging you similar yearly fees.

Do you need such a service?  Probably not.

All the information required to use, operate your devices is available online – for free.

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