December 1, 2012

Obama Campaign: How to Raise $3 Million Per Hour Online

Obama Campaign: How to raise $3 million per hour online.

Obama online campaign raised money at peak rates of $3 million per hour, eventually raising $250 million.

Kyle Rush gives details of Obama Campaign’s server design that made this happen. 
Aside from performance, another high priority for the platform was stability. Our online fundraising tended to come in spurts based on what was happening in the news at the time or campaign fundraising emails. For example, our highest surge was $3 million an hour so any down time would have been very costly.
When all the infrastructure was complete we built an identical page on the new platform and compared it to the old platform. We were pretty blown away with the results. We used to compare the performance between the two and Optimizely to test the conversion rate difference. We made the new platform 60% faster and this resulted in a 14% increase in donation conversions. In the screenshot below, we compared the time-to-paint between the two platforms on IE8 (the new platform is on top).
And, the online marketing of Obama Campaign at Winning Tips from Obama Campaign that got 17.8 million unique visitors to the website and resulted in donations of $250 million.

Some of the 2012 Presidential Campaign Ads that were part of this campaign.

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