December 26, 2012

Rise and Fall of Facebook Poke

The rise and fall of Facebook Poke.

# 34 Facebook Poke App via App Annie

# 4 SnapChat App via App Annie

Facebook Poke became one of the top apps immediately upon its release on Dec 21. Now just five days later, it has fallen to # 34 and it keeps falling.

Where are Poke’s Facebook fans?

SnapChat, an app that Facebook Poke emulated, has by comparison risen back to # 4.

Per GigaOm it is because of Facebook’s inability to invent anything new 
And Poke… Well, it is languishing at the 34th spot on the top free apps list, way behind Instagram, Messenger and the official Facebook apps. It is yet another example of why just because you can copy something it doesn’t mean it will become successful, even if you are Facebook who is doing the copying. It is not clear what kind of usage the app is getting, but I am pretty sure Facebook will announce any day some metrics that don’t quite measure anything.

Maybe the Poke app is just not interesting enough or it may have the Color problem.

As discussed in Photo Apps 3.0, the era of photos for communications is coming. SnapChat and Facebook Poke may or may not have cracked it but they won’t be the only ones.

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