December 6, 2012

Schwab’s $200 Apple Gift Card for $50,000

Schwab has gone Apple. The newest offer – get a $200 Apple gift card if you deposit $50,000 in a Schwab account.

After the earlier, $75,000 Android phone, now, an iOS offer from Charles Schwab.

  1. Deposit $50,000 to a Schwab brokerage account before 6/28/2013.
  2. Get a $200 Apple gift card
  3. Maintain a net deposit of $50,000 daily for 12-months. If not, you have to return the gift card.

Schwab expects you to trade with the $50,000. If you do trade, remember rule #3 – a net deposit of $50,000 has to be maintained daily.
Schwab’s effective interest rate on your $50,000 – 0.4%.

The detailed terms are at the link above.

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