December 29, 2012

Siri as Santa on FaceTime 2013

Siri as Santa on FaceTime app 2013.

Christmas 2012: The most searched-for item - How to FaceTime Santa.

Christmas 2011: The most searched-for item – Santa on FaceTime.

Christmas 2013: You can probably guess what would be the most popular item for the next Christmas, or perhaps even during the year.

These posts were meant to encourage app developers to deliver such a service. It would be an incredibly popular service with kids, parents and all.

But, there is no service or app yet where you can FaceTime Santa. The closest someone came was putting up a SantaOnFaceTime page with a Coming Soon message.

One option may be – have Santa’s register with the service. The service connects the FaceTime calls to Santa in North Pole or the nearest Santa. The Santa’s could be vetted like the mall Santa’s or perhaps a Uber for Santa’s?


How about configuring Siri as Santa on FaceTime? A special version of Siri with a Santa voice, Santa personality and Santa AI. Siri could do very well delivering a specific personality. The app could even let you capture photos with Santa.

Such an app could become immensely popular and perhaps be the most popular use for Siri.

Instead of Santa using Siri, Siri could be Santa on FaceTime 2013.

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