December 24, 2012

Unproven Stem Cell Treatments Worldwide

In the Stem Cell Scammers Mindhacks discusses unproven stem cell treatments worldwide.

image: sgugenetics

There are stem cell based anti-aging serums and anti-wrinkle treatments and that is just a small part of the market.

Stem cell treatments hold promise for curing all kinds of diseases and for fixing age-related degeneration. But are stem cell treatments safe?

Per Mindhacks many of these therapies 
are either entirely untested or have never been confirmed as either safe not effective.
Such stem cell treatments mentioned include

Stem cells for neurological conditions are still an experimental treatment. They may yet be one of the greatest medical advances of the 21st century but they don’t work by being added to the brain like some sort of neurological band aid.

Unfortunately, these unproven treatments are already a massive industry and their promise is being hijacked by quacks to exploit the desperate.

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