December 16, 2012

ZenPayroll, Cloud Payroll Service Review

ZenPayroll, a full-featured cloud payroll service for businesses.

ZenPayroll provides a cloud payroll service that is easy-to-use for employers, handles all administrative filings, steps for payroll and provides employees access to their paystub online with full history.

As a business owner, you can run a payroll at any time. ZenPayroll handles all the related steps and filings for you.

ZenPayroll charges a base price of $25 per month.
+ $4 per employee per month  … employees 1 to 10
   $1 per employee per month … employees 11 to any

e.g. Payroll charge for
2 employees - $33/month
20 employees - $75/month
50 employees - $105/month

ZenPayroll features
  • Pay employees on any schedule – once a month, twice a month or every two weeks.
  • Employees can select their preferred payment method - direct deposits or checks
  • ZenPayroll calculates and files federal and state payroll taxes and all associated filings

A full list of features is at the link above.

ZenPayroll will be useful for anyone who has to run a payroll for employees.

The best feature of ZenPayroll - ease of use.

The thing to watch out for – longevity of the company. ZenPayroll is a young company in an area serviced by large payroll service providers.

And, others payroll services may offer better pricing than ZenPayroll (depending on the number of employees) e.g. payroll charges for 2 employees with Intuit Payroll will be only $22/month as compared to $33/month with ZenPayroll.

Alternative to ZenPayroll include online payroll services such as Intuit Payroll, ADP Payroll, Paychex Payroll and more. And payroll services from banks such as Bank of America Payroll, Chase Payroll etc.

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