January 22, 2013

24me (Not 23andMe) Task List App Review

24me (not 23andMe) task list app review.

24me attracts attention with its name. Perhaps it was not intentional but the 24me name sounds similar to 23andMe, the personal genomics company.

While 24me and 23andMe may sound similar, the two companies operate in totally different areas. 24me provides an elegant task list app for iOS whereas 23andMe is a personal genomics company.

If you like to stay organized, 24me can be a big help. Once tasks are entered in the app, it will remind you of their due date – reminder for a birthday, reminder to pay bills etc. It also helps that the app has a nice UI but perhaps with a little too much orange.

To stand out in the very crowded field of task list apps, 24me offers other features – it will schedule to pay your bills, help run your errands via TaskRabbit and interact with it using voice recognition.

With its current approach, 24me has a challenging road ahead and may want to look at how to change.

It is difficult to get people to create tasks lists on a regular basis - the super-organized folks are the exception – unless the tasks are created naturally. This means a small target userbase of the super-organized users who are being courted by all the task list apps.

The banks already offer bill-pay services, which are hard to displace by any other bill-pay layer. Granted that the bank bill-pay user interfaces are not great but their app sits right at the critical point of where your money resides.

Voice recognition apps like Siri have not been accepted and for good reasons. Adding bling like voice recognition will not get more users.

Overall, 24me has work ahead of it.

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