January 25, 2013

360-322-6371 Calls, YAZ Financial Compensation

360-322-6371 calls for YAZ financial compensation. The automated calls originate from Marysville, Washington.

Another telemarketer calling numbers on the Federal Government’s donotcall list, freely violating the donotcall list.

The automated call - 
Group. If you or a loved one has suffered from blood clots, deep vein thrombosis or even a stroke after taking the medication YAZ, Yasmine or Ocella press 1 now. You may be entitled to financial compensation. Press 1 now to speak to a representative.
No identification of who is calling, a phone number or anything else.

The call seems to be originating on behalf of a YAZ lawsuit law firm pursuing YAZ clients. 

Good luck filing a complaint at National Do Not Call Registry or trying to add your number to the donotcall list. Both websites are broken and do not work.

Golden days for the telemarketers?

If you have received such calls, add to the comments below.

Bayer makes Beyaz and YAZ.

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