January 16, 2013

888-253-7639 TeleMarketing Calls, The Worst

888-253-7639 TeleMarketing calls, the worst.

888-253-7639 is one of the worst telemarketers.

This telemarketer violates FTC’s donotcall list constantly and in the worst way.

Calls numbers on FTC’s donotcall list, calls 10 times a day, does not identify themselves, leaves empty voicemails. Calls appear to originate from a non-US callcenter.

FTC needs to take action. You can file complaints with the FTC.

800notes, callercenter, whycall and other forums are full of 888-253-7639 complaints. The 888-253-7639 telemarketer does not follow FTC’s telemarketer requirements.

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