January 10, 2013

Aspiration Therapy Weight Loss: Remove Food After Eating

Aspiration Therapy weight loss: Remove food after eating.

There are a variety of methods for weight loss – diets, exercise, supplements, lap-bands, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve surgery and more.

Aspire Bariatrics’ Aspiration Therapy addresses the weight-loss problem at its source. After a meal, it enables you to remove food from your stomach. No food. No weight gain.

The process
  • A tube, called A-Tube (how creative), is surgically placed between your stomach and abdomen.
  • A valve normally keeps this stomach portal closed.
  • After a meal, you open the portal and (discreetly) remove some of the food from the stomach.

The aspiration process is performed about 20 minutes after the entire meal is consumed and takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The process is performed in the privacy of the restroom, and the food is drained directly into the toilet. Because aspiration only removes a third of the food, the body still receives the calories it needs to function. For optimal weight loss, patients should aspirate after each major meal (about 3 times per day) initially. Over time, as patients learn to eat more healthfully, they can reduce the frequency of aspirations.

The details of the procedure are at Aspiration Therapy.

The Aspiration Therapy equipment was designed by Dean Kamen who previously designed the Segway.

The cynical among you might observe that there's also a practical similarity between Aspiration Therapy and a certain, much older technique, one well known to ballerinas, runway models, and Roman senators. But Aspire is quick to point out that this new technique has significant advantages over sticking one's finger down one's throat.

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