January 8, 2013

ATT Digital Life with Cisco Preview: Home Security, Home Automation

AT&T Digital Life with Cisco preview.

Cisco WiFi Control Panel for AT&T Digital Life

AT&T Digital Life is a home security, home automation service intended to compete against ADT Pulse, Comcast Xfinity and other similar providers.

AT&T Digital Life has been around for quite some time but doesn’t have the user-base yet as the other top home security providers. Now, with Cisco, AT&T is making a push to get a bigger share of the home security, home automation market.

Per Cisco, Digital Life will provide
  • A Cisco wifi control panel called Digital Life Controller
  • Z-wave, wifi and 3G access
  • Indoor and outdoor ip cameras for home security – live video can be viewed remotely
  • Sensors including door, window, motion, glass-break, smoke, carbon monooxide and moisture
  • Remote control of security system, ip cameras, wifi thermostat, lighting, automated door locks
  • Home plug AV device support

Available Mar-13 in limited cities.

AT&T itself doesn’t have much to say about its service yet – features, pricing, availability or anything at all.

AT&T only has a stay informed, digital life login and a licenses page (which directs to AT&T’s internal network).

And, if you did want to view AT&T Digital Life terms, AT&T, ironically, wants you to print it.

Alternatives to AT&T Digital Life service include ADT Pulse, Vivint, Comcast Xfinity, Simplisafe, Frontpoint, Alarm.com, Micasaverde and more.

Specific alternatives for a digital home include

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