January 1, 2013

Bone Growing in the Eyelid, Dangers of Stem Cell Cosmetics

The dangers of stem cell cosmetics - when the stem cells morph into something unexpected.

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Stem cells hold a lot of promise in anything to help improve the human body. And there are stem cells treatments for most anything you can think of.

For stem cell cosmetics there are anti-aging serums in the market such as LifeLine SkinCare, ReLuma and more.

As with any new science, you have to be a little careful. Along with proven treatments, there are also lots of unproven stem cell treatments.

Scientific American shares the story of a patient who after getting a stem cell based facelift surgery found that now there was bone growing in her eyes. 
About three months earlier the woman had opted for a relatively new kind of cosmetic procedure at a different clinic in Beverly Hills—a face-lift that made use of her own adult stem cells. First, cosmetic surgeons had removed some the woman's abdominal fat with liposuction and isolated the adult stem cells within—a family of cells that can make many copies of themselves in an immature state and can develop into several different kinds of mature tissue. In this case the doctors extracted mesenchymal stem cells—which can turn into bone, cartilage or fat, among other tissues—and injected those cells back into her face, especially around her eyes. The procedure cost her more than $20,000, Wu recollects. Such face-lifts supposedly rejuvenate the skin because stem cells turn into brand-new tissue and release chemicals that help heal aging cells and stimulate nearby cells to proliferate.

There was a happy ending to this story - the patient went through another surgery to remove the bones from her eyelids. But it is also a reminder that you need to do extensive diligence before using any stem cell treatments.

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