January 1, 2013

From Antivirus to Internet Security, Endpoint Protection

Symantec, McAfee products are morphing from antivirus to Internet Security, Endpoint Protection.

Per NYTimes Symantec, McAfee products are no longer called “Antivirus” now they are “Internet Security” for consumers and “Endpoint Protection” for the enterprise.

Norton still has some Norton Antivirus 2013 but the emphasis is on selling Internet Security.

Symantec and McAfee, which built their businesses on antivirus products, have begun to acknowledge their limitations and to try new approaches. The word “antivirus” does not appear once on their home pages. Symantec rebranded its popular antivirus packages: its consumer product is now called Norton Internet Security, and its corporate offering is now Symantec Endpoint Protection.

“Nobody is saying antivirus is enough,” said Kevin Haley, Symantec’s director of security response. Mr. Haley said Symantec’s antivirus products included a handful of new technologies, like behavior-based blocking, which looks at some 30 characteristics of a file, including when it was created and where else it has been installed, before allowing it to run. “In over two-thirds of cases, malware is detected by one of these other technologies,” he said.

Companies with newer anti-malware, anti-cyber-attack products for the enterprise include Bit9, Bromium, FireEye and Seculert.

And, the first-responders for malware - Mandiant and CrowdStrike.

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