January 19, 2013

iPad on Wheels from DoubleRobotics

iPad on wheels from DoubleRobotics making iPad physically mobile.

If you wanted your iPad truly mobile, this is what you need - DoubleRobotic’s cool wheels for the iPad.

The price for the wheels - $2,000.

The iPad is mounted on DoubleRobotics’ wheels at the remote location. Then you can setup a video call between your local and the remote iPad and experience the remote location as if you were there and moving around – a truly mobile videoconferencing experience.

The wheels are controlled by the remote viewer to move the iPad around or raise/lower it for the best experience.

The DoubleRobotics wheels look like a more polished Segway. Alternatives to DoubleRobotics include iRobot’s Ava, a pricier mobile robotics platform.

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