January 6, 2013

iPhone: How to Disable Repeat Text Message Alerts

How to disable repeat text message alerts on the iPhone.

Repeat Alert = Never

You get a text message beep on your iPhone. You are busy with something and decide to look at it later. As you are settling down again – 2 minutes later, another text message beep will jolt you.

The repeat text message alerts has to be one of the most annoying features of your iPhone. Even if you have your favorite tone set for text alerts, the repeated beeps can be irritating and unwelcome.

The Reason
The multiple alerts come because, by default, iPhone sets Repeat Alert = Once for messages (Apple should have set it to Never by default)

Repeat Alert = Once

You need to set it to Repeat Alert = Never as shown above.

To change the alert settings,

Settings > Notifications > Messages > Repeat Alert

And, do Apple’s designers really feel that someone would want to get interrupted upto 10 times if they don’t attend to their text messages?

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