January 4, 2013

List of Android Malware Jan 2013

List of Android malware as of Jan 2013.

source: Forensic Blog

Forensic blog has done excellent work and published a full list of current Android malware. The full list is at the link above.

It is a long list.

Android users need to be extra careful while downloading apps, clicking on links, visiting websites etc. There is a long list of malware out there waiting to infect your Android device.

The malware is categorized by the kind of harm it does e.g.
  • Tracks users location
  • Steals information from the device e.g. phone number, IMEI, IMSI etc
  • Gets root access to the device
  • Sends SMS from the device
  • Device becomes part of Botnet
  • Steals information about calls, sms etc made by this device
  • Banking Trojan that modifies banking authentication codes e.g. mTAN messages.

Android Anti-Malware Apps
To protect against such malware, there is a long list of Android anti-malware apps from Dr Web to avast and more. You may need to protect your Android device with one of these.

And a Google view of such apps - Android Antivirus Software Are Scams, Per Google.

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