January 31, 2013

Symantec Antivirus Fails to Protect NYTimes from Malware

Symantec antivirus fails to protect NYTimes from malware.
NYTimes uses Symantec to protect it from malware.

Chinese hackers attacked NYTimes for four months.

Per NYTimes 
The attackers first installed malware — malicious software — that enabled them to gain entry to any computer on The Times’s network. The malware was identified by computer security experts as a specific strain associated with computer attacks originating in China. More evidence of the source, experts said, is that the attacks started from the same university computers used by the Chinese military to attack United States military contractors in the past.
Symantec could identify only 1 out of 45 malware installed on NYTimes computers. 
Over the course of three months, attackers installed 45 pieces of custom malware. The Times — which uses antivirus products made by Symantec — found only one instance in which Symantec identified an attacker’s software as malicious and quarantined it, according to Mandiant.
If you feel unsafe using Symantec antivirus you are not alone. But, realize that McAfee, Kaspersky and Microsoft antivirus are no better in detecting new malware - they perform as poorly as Symantec.

Makes you question why you pay for antivirus when with some care you can keep your computer clean yourself.

Symantec also makes the infamous rtvscan that itself slows down your computer

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