January 24, 2013

The Big Benefits of Self-Driving Cars

The big benefits of self-driving cars.

Google’s self-driving cars are already on the road. Self-driving cars from Audi, Lexus and others are also on the way. Even companies such as Cisco have their Cisco-inside initiatives for self-driving cars.

Chunka Mui on why self-driving cars will be enormously beneficial creating value in the trillions of dollars.

1. Self-driving cars will reduce traffic accidents. 
Google is claiming its car could save almost 30,000 lives each year on U.S. highways and prevent nearly 2 million additional injuries. Google claims it can reduce accident-related expenses by at least $400 billion a year in the U.S. Even if Google is way off—and I don’t believe it is—the improvement in safety will be startling.

2. Self-driving cars will reduce waste 
In addition, the driverless car would reduce wasted commute time and energy by relieving congestion and allowing cars to go faster, operate closer together and choose more effective routes.

Imagine the same across the world.

And concludes 
Google driverless car not only makes for a great demo; it has worldwide social and economic benefits that could amount to trillions of dollars per year.

Self-driving cars will also enable things that were not possible before - don’t be surprised to see sight-impaired persons driving or kids driving themselves to school.

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