January 24, 2013

Tim Cook on Apple Earnings

Tim Cook on Apple earnings.
MacWorld’s nice summary of Tim Cook’s responses on Apple earnings.

On Apple’s approach 
The most important thing to Apple is to make the best products in the world that enrich customers’ lives. That’s our high order bit. That means that we aren’t interested in revenue for revenue’s sake. We can put the Apple brand on a lot of things and sell a lot more stuff, but that’s not what we’re here for. We want to make only the best products.

And so what does that mean for market share? I think we’ve had a great track record here on iPod, doing different products at different price points, and getting a reasonable share for doing that. I wouldn’t view those things as mutually exclusive as some might. But the high order bit is making a great product that enriches customers’ lives and so that’s what we’re focused on.

On why Apple’s revenue, profits were not even higher

  • iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iMac were supply constrained.
  • Q12013 was a shorter quarter - 13-weeks compared to 14-weeks for Q12012.

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