January 28, 2013

Track Ships in Real-Time at MarineTraffic

If you are a ship buff or otherwise want to find the real-time location of any ship, use MarineTraffic. 

MarineTraffic provides a live map of ships worldwide. You can locate ships by their type – passenger ships, cargo ships, tankers, yachts and others. Ships shown on the map report their location with their AIS transponder.

Similar to FlightAware for tracking flights, MarineTraffic provides a useful service for finding marine vessels in motion.

The next vessels to map on a world map
  • Track cars in motion – it is going to be very difficult to get people to report their location so it is publicly available.
  • Track drones flying around – which is also going to be difficult initially, as most drones being used currently are for non-civilian purposes.
Who will deliver services such as these?

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