January 24, 2013

Why I Love University of Miami

Why I love University of Miami.

The Onion’s satire on college loans that is alarmingly real.

Calling his college experience “the greatest four years of [his] life,” 27-year-old University of Miami alumnus Mark Felder maintains a startling level of pride in his alma mater, a private academic institution that left him $50,000 in debt and completely unprepared for the current job market, sources confirmed Tuesday. 
Reports also confirmed that the man who acquired no marketable job skills as an undergraduate regularly spends his weekends watching Hurricanes football games with several of his friends from college, who are collectively over a quarter million dollars in debt. 
University of Miami reaches out 
At press time, Felder had just received a phone call from the University of Miami asking for a donation to the school.

Another Onion-like headline: Online MBA You Probably Can’t Get Into.

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