February 9, 2013

Dismal Performance of Electric Cars

Elisabeth Rosenthal in NYTimes on the dismal performance of electric cars -
Dismal performance in dismal driving-range, dismal sales - when consumers face the electric car range issues they are reluctant to buy. 
And yet, experiments with the cars in the Netherlands and Denmark also underscore the challenges facing this new technology. Sales have been lower than politicians and automakers hoped, representing under 1 percent of new vehicles, even here. “It seems that the industry has not convinced consumers that they can do this,” Mr. Jensen said. “If they fail over the next few years, I think investors will pull out, and that will be a problem.”
How consumers get used to the electric cars (or not) 
Still, a layer of complexity limits acceptance. “There’s still some planning; it’s a bit like a puzzle,” said Maarten Noom, an Accenture consultant who drives an electric vehicle. “It’s not the same ease of mind as with a gas car.”

And then there are horror stories such as Tesla Model S Horror Story.

While electric cars are the future, until the electric car manufacturers solve these basic issues, the electric cars should ship with a “beta” label.

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