February 6, 2013

Energy Future per BP, 2030

A dry energy forecast by BP.

Oil, gas and coal will remain the primary fuels.
Renewable, hydro and nuclear energy will remain the upcoming fuels.

Asia Pacific countries will be the biggest producers of energy.
Shale gas production will triple by 2030.

The Americas will produce as much oil as the Middle East. 
The US will likely surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia in 2013 as the largest liquids producer in the world (crude and biofuels) due to tight oil and biofuels growth, but also due to expected OPEC production cuts. Russia will likely pass Saudi Arabia for the second slot in 2013 and hold that until 2023. Saudi Arabia regains the top oil producer slot by 2027.
There will be steady growth all around – no dramatic changes in energy production per BP.

As a comparison, here is Energy Future per Exxon and per Saudi Aramco.

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