February 21, 2013

Get Chromebook Pixel or Ultrabook or Surface Pro?

Get Chromebook Pixel or Ultrabook or Surface Pro?

If you are shopping for a new touch computer, you have one more option now – Google’s Chromebook Pixel.

The price for the two Chromebook Pixel models

$1,300    32 GB, WiFi
$1,500    64 GB, WiFi, LTE

Standard: 1 TB of Google cloud storage.

The Pixel marketing video is a direct copy of Apple marketing videos. Not original, Google.

Pixel’s specs make it a reasonably fast touch laptop (Core i5 cpu) that is easy to look at (high-density display).

But Pixel’s high price and tiny flash storage makes you wonder whether to get a Pixel or Ultrabook or even a Surface Pro.

The two main Pixel alternatives - Ultrabook and Surface Pro have more storage, faster speeds, lower price (one or more) which makes them a much better choice than Pixel.

If only Pixel had better prices and more storage it would be an easy choice.

When you make your choice remember that the life of any of these devices is about 1-year - they will start getting obsolete around that time and you’ll want to be in the market for a newer device.

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