February 3, 2013

Google Chrome Auto-Enables Flash, Degrades User Experience

Google Chrome auto-enables Flash, degrades user experience.

If you were planning on upgrading to the latest Google Chrome - version 24.0.1312.57 m - watch out!

Google Chrome now auto-enables Flash. Previously if you disabled Flash by
            Disable Flash

Flash would stay disabled.

Now, with the latest Chrome, if you disable-Flash it will stay disabled only for that session. If you close all browser windows and then open a new browser window, you’ll find that Chrome has auto-enabled Flash.

And, there does not seem to be an obvious way to turn Flash off and keep it off?

Welcome to more bad experience with Chrome.

Chrome used to be the best browser two years back but, lately the experience has been going downhill.

Flash has to be one of the most poorly designed software and degrades the users experience. Flash will max out your computer’s cpu preventing you from doing other tasks and drain laptop batteries and now, due to Chrome, you have no control over it.

Why Chrome Is Auto-Enabling Flash
The main reason may be to display more Flash ads? Flash ads give higher payouts to Google but create a bad experience for the users.

Google probably faced this dilemma - more revenue vs good user experience – you can guess which side won.

Why Advertisers Use Flash Ads
Advertisers feel they can tell “more” of their story with a flash ad. That users will enjoy watching their mini-movies. That users are forced to watch their mini-movies.

But, what if a user does not want to watch the mini-movies? How do you disable these Flash ads permanently?

Most Flash ads with their mini-movie like stories are poorly designed and force themselves on you. They remind you of the flashing-ads from a few years back. If you don’t want to watch these Flash mini-movies, too bad. They will still play. And, now, there is no way to turn them off.

Chrome needs to again provide a way to disable Flash and keep it disabled.

Another Chrome experience that causes users a lot of grief - Chrome’s DNS Lookup Failed Error.

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