February 27, 2013

Google Glass Turns You from Shrek to Hulk

Google Glass turns you from Shrek to Hulk.

Is Google Glass an alternative to Force Factor now?

VentureBeat on Google Glass 
But even if we substitute in a more politically correct word for “emasculating,” does Brin’s charge hold up? I’m still not so sure. At this point, Brin seems to be grasping for whatever arguments he can in an effort to convince the world that Google Glass is something it needs. So far, most of his arguments have come up a bit short, at least if you’re wary of effusive claims about new technology.

Brin loves to compare Google Glass to the smartphone, which, while amazing and life-changing just isn’t good enough. (This, it seems, includes even Google’s own Android phones, which Brin seems eager to make obsolete.)

Google Glass, so far, has been good for entertainment. It has generated a lot of chatter online – not the positive kind.

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