February 19, 2013

Hardware Firewalls Fail Apple, Facebook Malware Attacks

Hardware firewalls fail Apple, Facebook, Twitter malware attacks?

Hardware firewall vendors claim to stop any security threat from affecting the organization.

(Presumably) large companies such as Apple, Facebook, Twitter use 10Gbps plus hardware firewalls from companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Checkpoint, Cisco, Juniper etc.

These hardware firewalls are supposed to protect the corporate networks from malware, attacks and all kinds of threats.

But the hardware firewalls failed to protect Apple, Facebook, Twitter and others from malware attacks.

Now perhaps the same excuse that the firewalls will be programmed with new rules and will be better prepared against such threats next time.

Hardware firewalls are the placebo for security. Hardware firewalls rank with antivirus software in creating a false sense of security without providing any real protection and they cost a lot of money.

Should companies be paying for such ineffective protection?

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