February 5, 2013

High-Frequency Course Registrations at Baruch College

High-frequency course registrations at Baruch College.
Learning from high-frequency traders, Baruch students apply high-frequency techniques for course registrations.

The customized computer script they were using to automatically log into the college’s course-registration system and check — and check and check and check — for openings in sought-after courses was creating so much digital traffic that it threatened to crash the computer system for the entire City University of New York, of which Baruch College is part, said Arthur Downing, the school’s chief information officer.

By the time technicians first notified Mr. Downing that there might be a problem, two student accounts had already queried the online registration system almost a million times. He said he wrote back, tongue in cheek, “Gee, they make me so proud.”

All this effort to take college courses?  Good efforts, wrong goals.

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