February 11, 2013

Secure Texting Apps on Android, iPhone

Do you use WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk, MightyText or other text messaging apps? Messages sent via these apps could be read by others (not the intended recipient) either by design or by accident. To send completely secure messages, you need a secure texting app. Here are a few apps for secure texting on Android and iPhone.

Note: Both sender and recipient will need the app installed on their phone.

TextSecure    Android    Free
TextSecure is a popular app to send SMS, MMS messages. TextSecure provides end-to-end encryption for the messages.

TigerText    iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows    Free
TigerText is an enterprise grade secure-texting app. Quite a few health organizations use the app which is a great testimonial to its privacy features. The app includes features such as group messages, expiry time for messages, message recall and message acknowledgement.

Gryphn    Android    Free
Gryphn provides encrypted texting on Android. 

Gryphn CEO is famous as the Man in the Pink Turban with President Obama.

ZipaClip    iOS    Free
ZipaClip provides encrypted video and text messaging for iOS devices. The base usage is free but if you are a heavy user, you will likely fall under the prepaid plan. ZipaClip features include ZipBack message recall.

ZipaClip has the cleanest UI among all the messaging apps.

Silent Phone    Android, iOS    Free
Silent Phone provides secure voice and video calls and includes HD voice. 

The full suite of secure communication tools (voice, text, video, email) cost $20/month.

Cellcrypt Mobile    Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian S60   
Cellcrypt mobile provides secure texting and secure voice calls across a range of phones.

But, the company wants you to talk to a sales person (expensive?) to get started, which creates a big barrier for most users.

If you want full privacy not just for texting but also for voice calls, then check How to Make Secure Voice Calls on iPhone, Android.

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