February 14, 2013

Tesla Fight with NYTimes Continues

More Tesla vs NYTimes.

Tesla wanted NYTimes to test drive the Model S and give a good review. NYTimes reviewed the Model S. Now Tesla is busy fighting the NYTimes. The history

NYTimes responds to Tesla. 
Mr. Straubel said Tesla did not store data on exact locations where their cars were driven because of privacy concerns, although Tesla seemed to know that I had driven six-tenths of a mile “in a tiny 100-space parking lot.” While Mr. Musk has accused me of doing this to drain the battery, I was in fact driving around the Milford service plaza on Interstate 95, in the dark, trying to find the unlighted and poorly marked Tesla Supercharger. He did not share that data, which Tesla has now posted online, with me at the time.

Tesla cars do have a problem with cold weather as also discussed by another Model S driver - Tesla cold weather experience. No amount of fights in the press will fix the problem.

NYTimes gave their driving experience to Tesla. Shouldn’t Tesla take it as valuable feedback and work to improve this cold-weather performance rather than fight?

An immature response from a company that is lighting the way to the future with electric cars.

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