February 8, 2013

The Made for You Medicine’s are Coming

The Made for You medicine era is coming fast - where your medicine is tailored specifically to your genetic makeup.

Emma Whitehead

The personalized medicine successes are already here - Nicholas Volker, Lukas Wartman’s leukemia cure, Emma Whitehead’s acute lymphoblastic leukemia cure and more.

MedCityNews summarizes what needs to happen to enable such personalized medicine at a large scale and some of the companies working to make it happen. 
We are moving from the inefficient and experimental medicine of today towards the data-driven medicine of tomorrow. Soon, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and most importantly, prevention will be tailored to individuals’ genetic and phenotypic information.
The most urgent need for the Made for You medicines today – cancer treatments and newborn treatments.

Some of the companies working to make it happen

Genome Sequencing
Illumina, Life Technologies, PacBio, Oxford Nanopore, Complete Genomics, EasyGenomics

Genome Analysis
Bina Technologies, DNAnexus, RealTime Genomics, Broad Institute, Academic Institutions

Matching Genome to Health Conditions
Bina Technologies, NextBio, Ingenuity, Knome, Station X

Genetics Driven Medical Care
23andMe, InVitae, Personalis

And health insurers will start paying for such personalized medicine 
Recently Wellpoint, one of the nation’s largest payors, has hinted that it will approve reimbursements for Sequenom’s MaterniT21 Plus fetal genetic screening tests. Anthem Blue Cross has agreed to reimburse AlloMap’s genetic testing in Stable Heart Transplant Patients  — a big step. Even lab testing giants LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics have been openly bullish on the genomics revolution and have signed numerous partnership agreements with innovative genomics companies.

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