February 11, 2013

Twine, Evri Website Down: Sensor to WiFi Device

Twine, Evri website down with an Oops, looks like we’ve tangled up our semantic web message.

Twine is provided by Evri, a company funded by Vulcan Capital.

Twine sensor-to-WiFi device connects common sensors – temperature, moisture etc – to the Internet. It provides a DIY home automation.

Twine can be purchased at SuperMechanical and Amazon store.

Home automation is a crowded market; Twine has its work cut out for it.

In home automation, Twine faces a long list of competitors – from Comcast Xfinity Home to ADT Pulse, Vivint to AT&T Digital Life, Nest to Honeywell, MiCasaVerde to Lockitron and many more.

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